series & other works

Red & Wolf, 2021. (22,5 x 16,5 cm) watercolor, pen and ink.

Owl 12, 2014. (17 x 23 cm) Watercolor, pen and ink. portrait of an owl
Pandemic birthday, 2020. 24 x 17 cm) Watercolor, pen and ink. mother and daughter masked, mother holds a bouquet of flowers and daughter a smartphone.

Pandemic Birthday, 2020. (16,5x22cm) Watercolor, pen and ink.

Spinone Italiano

Regular Black Dog Norwegian Buhund Hairless Chinese Crested Dog German Shepherd miniature-pinscher_fotorweb husky-2_Fotor_forweb French Bulldog chocolate-labrador-retreiver_Fotorforweb King Charles Cavallier Boxer Boston Terrier Bernese Mountain Dog

Wardrobe, 2011. (75x 95 cm) Watercolor, pen & ink.

Baby Animals are two series of original artworks (not prints) for children’s rooms. First series produced in 2013 and the second series in 2018.

A small selection of ongoing series of corvids.

Raven Bath
The Chef